News… MRCH Unveil New Single ‘Spin’

You’re a West Coast electro-pop outfit getting comparisons to the likes of CHVRCHES. Fellow vowel-shirkers MRCH are sitting pretty to appear on many peoples’ ‘ones to watch’ lists for 2016, but as Public Enemy once sagely said, don’t believe the hype. Believe the music instead!

Their attest single ‘Spin’ is sure to get some heavy rotation, as it’s another glossy gem in the vein of Chromatics’ poppiest moments and even has a touch of Saint Etienne about it. Full of breathy vocals, a very small smattering of on-point guitars and a lot of heavy synth fuzz, it’s four and a half minutes of woozy goodness that’ll be flying round your brain in rings like Kylie in a pair of gold lame hot pants.

Listen to ‘Spin’ below.

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