News… School Of Seven Bells Reveal ‘Open Your Eyes’ From Final Album

It’s been three years since School of Seven Bells released their third album Ghostory, and there’s been a very tragic and crushing reason for that. In late 2013, half of the band – guitarist Benjamin Curtis – passed away. In two years since his tragic death, remaining band member Alejandra Deheza has been piecing together a new record from what Curtis left behind.

The result is a final album, SVIIB, which is being released in February. Described by Deheza as “a love letter from start to finish,” its lead track ‘Open Your Eyes’ is a taste of what to expect. It distils everything the band were good at: soaring, emotional synth pop that’s atmospheric, powerful and epic in scale. It sets up what should be a fitting tribute to Curtis and a beautiful end to the band.

Listen to ‘Open Your Eyes’ below. SVIIB is out on 12th February 2016.

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