News… Smash Williams Share New Track ‘After A Time’

Let’s talk about Smash Williams. No, no, not Brian “Smash” Williams from the American football-centred TV show Friday Night Lights but the Scottish power duo who are attempting to inject a good dose of fun back into indie rock (and judging but the luminous pink they like to use, they’re already succeeding pretty well on that point). Smash Williams the band are a Scottish duo made up of Stuart Dougan of French Wives and Gordon Skene of Frightened Rabbit. Together they make thoroughly enjoyable indie pop that’s in a long line of quirky rock from north-of-the-border and proud of it. It’s safe to say that with its unashamedly joyous and motivational lyrics and the buoyancy of the melody that their latest single ‘After A Time’ is the most enjoyable paean to perspiration and perseverance we’ve heard in a while. A fitting tribute to Smash himself.

Dougan told The Line Of Best Fit, where the single premiered: “With ‘After A Time’ we wanted to make something that didn’t beat around the bush too much and would be very direct. We’d worked on a bunch of songs and perhaps got to a point where we thought we were ‘done’ writing and could focus on putting together a live set up. Fortunately we pressed on though otherwise we wouldn’t have this and there’s a sweet irony as the song is essentially about perseverance.”

Listen to ‘After A Time’ below.

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