News… Thundercat Shares Instrumental Tribute to Paris Victims

The tragic events in Paris in the past few days have seen an outpouring of grief and bewilderment across France and further afield. While these awful acts have brought about sadness, though, they’ve also seen people uniting together to show solidarity against those who committed these dreadful crimes.

Affected by the events, Thundercat has released a new song – simply entitled ‘Paris’ – in tribute to those who lost their lives over the weekend, not just at the Bataclan where Eagles of Death Metal were playing but also elsewhere in the city. His instrumental tribute is a short but shiny offering that’s characterised by its use of bass, something that Thundercat has made his name on in recent years. It’s therefore a very personal, and beautiful, offering and a very small but no less significant act of defiance and solidarity.

Listen to ‘Paris’ below.

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