News… Wyldest Share New Track ‘Dark Matter’

Image: Eva Bowan

It’s been a whole eight months since North Londoners Wyldest released their last storming piece of dream-pop ‘Cruel Dusk.’ That piece showed that they were like all the best bits of 80s Fleetwood Mac distilled over time into one crystallised, perfect form. So over the months we’ve waited, and they’ve finally unveiled their follow up, a stunning piece of dark dream pop.

‘Dark Matter’ doesn’t instantly seem like a brooding piece of work, with guitars and harmonised vocals that border on pure pop (like the bleakest parts of Summer Camp, perhaps). As time goes on though, it soon devolves into a frantic and increasingly tense instrumental that echoes and uses a pretty but nonetheless chilling synth motif recurrently. It sucks you in and keeps hold of you with more force than a black hole. Though on the other side of this cosmic anomaly you’ll find a galaxy of musical bliss.

Listen to ‘Dark Matter’ below.

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