Jay Real and Jetson Team Up On ‘Calamus’

Good hip hop isn’t in short supply right now and there’s something out there to suit any mood. For example, at the minute Drake and Future are veering wildly between contemplative and swaggering on their collaborative album. Speaking of collaborations, this track from New Zealand producer Jetson (one half of Chill Children) and Jay Real is a towering pinnacle of jazzy vibes, the likes of which have rarely been implemented well since the days of A Tribe Called Quest and US3.

I didn’t really know what ‘Calamus’ actually meant but a quick search on the good ship Wikipedia taught me that it was either a figure from Greek mythology, a fish or a type of rush plant. I choose to believe the pair named this track after the mythological character who drowned himself in grief, because it’s got a romanticism about it in the same way that this track does. It harks back to a golden age of hip hop without seeming overly nostalgic and has some wonderfully rhymes too. And you can’t really complain about that.

Listen to ‘Calamus’ below.

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