News… C Duncan Shares New Video For ‘For’

Writing the phrase ‘for “For”‘ is ridiculously clunky and yet for Glaswegian avant-pop singer-songwriter C Duncan we’ll make an exception and gladly tumble down the rabbit hole of disgustingly poor grammar. With his debut album Architect he danced around a number of instruments in a dream land where Charles Rennie Mackintosh was akin to The Wizard of Oz and everything Chris touched turned to musical gold. So it’s really no surprise that he got a nod for this year’s Mercury Prize.

In the video for ‘For,’ two dancers (Edwin Ray and Thom Jackson Greaves) explore light and the relationship between two people in a manner that’s beautiful and effortless, much like the track itself, a jaunty, whistle-and-harmony-heavy slab of nostalgic pop that’s like a British answer to the Beach Boys. It’s gorgeously choreographed in time to the music and provides a wonderful accompaniment to one of Architect‘s lighter songs.

Watch the video for ‘For’ below.

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