News… Dream Koala Shares New Track ‘Synthetic Evolution’

We’re being treated. Yndi Ferreira – aka Dream Koala – wasn’t meant to release this song yet, but in light of recent events we’re getting a new track from his upcoming release Exodus early. ‘Synthetic Evolution’ is beautiful, intense and completely free.

There’s something a little bit Radiohead about how ‘Synthetic Evolution’ starts off. You can almost imagine Thom Yorke’s falsetto wail accompanying the minimalist melody like a lost track from Kid A. But then two thirds of the way through Ferreira’s voice is suddenly accompanied by a cacophony of pounding drums, a glassy synth and a good smattering of ethereal harmonies. If you looked up ‘dramatic’ in the dictionary you might get a suggestion to listen to this song. Maybe this should have been the theme song for SPECTRE

Listen to ‘Synthetic Evolution’ below. Exodus is out on 4th December.


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