News… Net Worthy Shares Hypnotic New Song ‘DarkerThanMatter’

The heaviest thing in all the universe is having something of a resurgence at the minute, isn’t it? As if Wyldest revealing their latest single yesterday wasn’t enough, Ottawa-based produced Net Worthy is attempting to go one better and totally outdo them with a song called ‘DarkerThanMatter.’

So how, pray tell, is this slice of woozy electronica living up to its name? Well, this is a tune you’d probably put on in the depths of night, something that’ll soundtrack the hazy twilight hours or that slightly jumbled feeling you get from insomnia. But out of nowhere the melody breaks suddenly just to do a little percussion solo, throwing you off guard somewhat. It’s a contemplative number from the producer Perhaps if you’d been sucked into a black hole this would beautifully accompany the vast nothingness of time and space inside. Now where do I sign up for that space program?

Listen to ‘DarkerThanMatter’ below.

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