News… Cash + David Remix MIAMIGO’s ‘What I Want’

The duo behind MIAMIGO must have been on an 80s sugar rush when they created ‘What I Want,’ a blistering piece of pop that sticks in your head like so much blue bubblegum. So Cash + David, who similarly like to delve in a bit of nostalgia here and there, had a bit of a task on their hands to transform it into something just as infectious with their remix. But it’s Cash + David, the duo behind walking earworm machine ‘Pains 4 U.’ So really it’s no surprise that even with the odds stacked against them they’ve still managed to turn the song into a different beast. What they want, perhaps.

MIAMIGO themselves say of the remix: “It’s so refreshing to hear a re-work of one of your own songs, and how someone else would produce it in their distinct style. Cash + David have transformed this into something we could never have come up with ourselves. The beat is absolute genius!”

Listen to the remix of ‘What I Want’ below.


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