News… Chiara Hunter Reveals New Track ‘War’

Somebody might say that in a world where Prince is still around doing his thing, giving your music the title of ‘future funk’ might be a bit foolhardy. But the Purple One is getting on a bit now, so somebody has to take up his mantle. In this digital age, you’d be hard pressed to find someone more suited to take over the throne than an artist who combines the funk-filled basslines of The Artist Formerly Known As The Artist Formerly Known As Prince and a dollop of chiptune-inspired synth.

So step forward Chiara Hunter, owner of an impossibly good name and a couple of heavy-hitting tunes to back her up. ‘War’ is bombastic and chaotic as the subject itself but grounding it all is Chiara’s voice, which sounds more and more like Rihanna at her most louche with each listen. Here she’s joined briefly by Seattle rapper Gifted Gab as well (not to be confused with Blackalicious’ Gift Of Gab), who provides a cheeky and fun-filled verse towards the end of the song. It’s a hefty slab of power pop that will no doubt get heads turning the singer’s way.

Listen to ‘War’ below.

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