News… Nao Shares Trippy Video For ‘Bad Blood’

A few months ago I spent a good long while queuing to see Nao perform outside of a pub in a city I didn’t really know. We didn’t get in. That’s testament to the hype that’s been surrounding the singer for some months. So when I got home I checked out some of her work and it turned out that she was a bit like a cross between Janelle Monae and Kelela, and that was a combination I couldn’t miss out on.

‘Bad Blood’ is the first single to be taken from her upcoming debut album, something I’m awaiting with eager anticipation after her recent single and EP releases. To accompany the skittering synths and guitars, and Nao’s own powerful yet girlish vocals, the song now has a very odd but very stylish video to accompany it. In it, a naked female protagonist (not Nao, she hasn’t gone full Erykah Badu yet) walks around a dystopian landscape and apparently punishes people in, well, a very unusual way. But who’s really the bad person here? What have these people done to deserve this? Maybe our protagonist is really the evil-doer here. It doesn’t really matter though. It’s a beautifully stylish clip to accompany a wonderfully polished song, and that’s probably all that really matters.

Watch the video for ‘Bad Blood” below.

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