News… Notes Floats Releases Love Letter ‘Flashbacks’ For Free

Austin-based MC and beat maker Notes Floats definitely knows how to skip between genres like they’re so many tiles in a game of hopscotch. On his latest EP Same Boat he’s managed to create a feel-good summer tune in the form of ‘To The Max’ (with Ms. Lisa), and a slightly psychedelic offering in the chopped and skewed ‘What In The World.’

‘Flashbacks’ sees him traversing yet another path in the hip hop canon, the sensitive, soul-searching tune (sometimes referred to as ‘thugs need love too,’ though we’re not really sure Mr. Floats is a ‘thug’). Essentially a love letter sixteen years in the making, Notes trails his malleable and unrestrained voice across a series of voices looking back at some of the most significant events in life over a minimalist beat and sparse piano.

It’s free from Love Our Records’ Soundcloud page now, a gift just a day after the EP’s release.

Watch the video for ‘Flashbacks’ below. Same Boat is out now.

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