News… Yes You Share New Song ‘Be Mine’

Having a cursory glance at Buzzfeed sometimes gives you an indicator of what’s hot in this day and age. Usually it’s your standards of cats and what Disney/Pixar character best represents you and your non-animated ways. But I’ve never seen a list about what Moby or Massive Attack album you are, which is a shame. The mid to late nineties apparently aren’t quite retro yet. But that hasn’t stopped Brisbane duo Yes You from doing a damn fine job at reminding us how great those bands were with their latest song ‘Be Mine.’

There’s three things that combine together on this track beautifully: soaring strings, a bluesy sample and some very crisp production. Put together and you’ve got a glorious bit of moving electronica worthy of your mid-nineties greats.

Listen to ‘Be Mine’ below.


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