Notes On… Hydrogen Sea

Hydrogen Sea hail from Belgium, but there’s something rather reminiscent of Nordic nights in their slick glacial pop. Take brand new single ‘Before I Go’ for example. The follow up to last year’s successful debut EP release sees the boy-girl (multi-instrumentalist PJ Seaux and singer Birsen Uça) duo awash in crashing, crisp electro beats. Backed by bouncy bright synths, Uçar’s beautifully delicate and celestial vocals sweep through the song, floating like a melancholic dream. One you’d never want to wake from. As ominous as that sounds.

The track itself deals with the fleeting nature of time – the inevitable passing of minutes you never want to forget and people you never want to lose. The desperate urge to be stuck in a moment of unbridled joy. “The only thing I know/is that time takes and then it goes” Uçar heartbreakingly observes in the track’s contagious chorus. It all makes for an incredibly captivating sound and an inviting glimpse into next year’s debut album.

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