News… Julia Holter Shares Video For ‘Silhouette’

If we went down to the betting shop now and put on some money that Julia Holter’s latest album Have You In My Wilderness would be named as the best avant-pop album of the year by at least some of your semi-mainstream media, we’d probably be laughed at, refused and told to come back when we wanted to make a real bet. Holter’s latest might be her poppiest and most accessible work yet, but still carries all the hallmarks of the singer-songwriter’s avant-garde tendencies (the autoharp, the off-kilter melodies, the orchestration).

‘Silhouette’ is one of the most mainstream tracks on the LP, and yet it still has that odd, quirky, Collette-satirising edge that colours most of the album. The video is a very lo-fi but light-filled affair directed by Rick Bahto, who also shot the crisp, minimalist artwork of the album cover. It consistently moves between light and shade and throws elusive shapes of Holter’s body at us as she moves through her home. It’s a video as ethereal and mesmerising as the song itself.

Watch the video for ‘Silhouette’ below.

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