News… Shunkan Share ‘Anything But Love’

Image: Kassandra Lynne Photography

It’s been a little while since Shunkan pretty much ceased being the solo project of New Zealand-born Marina Sakimoto. They’re a full-blown band now, buoyed by the success of their debut Honey Milk and Blood EP. Since then they’ve been adding even bigger drums, bigger guitars, just bigger everything.

In the run up to the release of their latest effort The Pink Noise next week they’ve shared ‘Anything But Love.’ It’s a fuzzy and aggressive slab of slacker rock that gives Weezer a run for their money, packing in more distortion than you can shake a stick at while all along maintaining a sing-a-long charm.

Listen to ‘Anything But Love’ below. The Pink Noise is released on limited edition 12″ vinyl via Art Is Hard on 20th November (that’s tomorrow, so get in there quickly!)

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