News… Caroline Polachek Shares Video For ‘The Boy Who I’ll See Again’

In January, Chairlift are set to release their third album, Moth, and at this point who knows what anybody can actually expect from it. Where their first record was a pretty lo-fi affair, they drifted into 80s pop nostalgia on their second album and frontwoman Caroline Polachek then went off to do a solo LP under the name Ramona Lisa which didn’t sound like either of them.

So could ‘The Boy Who I’ll See Again’ provide any clues to what the new Chairlift record will sound like? I wouldn’t bet on it. That doesn’t make the solo single any less grand and affecting though. The video – made in collaboration with MAKE Beauty – is a retelling of the Greek myth of Endymion. Here’s a quick lowdown for those who didn’t take Classics 101: Zeus grants a handsome shepherd eternal beauty at the wish of his lover (here played by Polachek) but because Zeus is Zeus and Zeus is always being nasty to people in these myths, there’s a catch. Yes, his beauty is preserved but he’s also doomed to sleep forever. That twizzler Zeus, always playing the villain…

Watch the video for ‘The Boy Who I’ll See Again’ below.

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