News… IYES Cover The Weeknd’s ‘Can’t Feel My Face’

At this point, if you haven’t heard The Weeknd’s semi love song to heroin (yes, yes, it’s about drugs not sudden onslaughts of paralysis when you’re with your significant other) then you’re probably either an astronaut returning from a very long and forgotten mission or you’re a Medieval time traveller who just arrived in 2015 at this precise second. ‘Can’t Feel My Face’ is inescapable, so it’s a good job that it also happens to be one of the best funk-filled Michael Jackson-riffing songs of the year (apart from that Mark Ronson/ Bruno Mars collaboration. You know. That one).

Josh and Melis, the team behind IYES, have decided to strip away the MJ-influences in Abel Tesfaye’s smash hit and turn it into a minimal, skittering track that occasionally becomes a duet and almost convinces you that this might actually be a song about love and not, you know, drugs. It’s certainly a lot more tender and contemplative version, putting a decidedly different yet no less compelling spin on Tesfaye’s breakthrough hit.

Listen to IYES’ cover of ‘Can’t Feel My Face’ below.

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