News… Living Shares Debut Track ‘Florahedron’

You kind of get the impression that Lucas de Almeida, the man behind the just-about-unGoogleable name Living, has been listening to more than a bit of Panda Bear. On his debut track ‘Florahedron’ he wears his musical heart on his sleeve and presents a woozy slice of electronica that would make Benjamin Lennox himself proud.

Almeida wraps his own sweet vocals in a ton of reverb, giving it a distant and untouchable edge, while around him a small army of seemingly random melodies play. If you wrote down on a piece of paper that you wanted to stick a French accordion, guitars and choral samples over a delicious beat someone might call you mad, but Almeida makes it work, and the results are compelling.

Listen to ‘Florahedron’ below. It’s out today through Diamond Club.

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