News… Organised Scum Share New Track ‘Insane Making Behaviour’

There was a weirdly distinctive vision I had in mind when I saw the band name Organised Scum. It was something distinctly similar to Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes, or his previous band Gallows. Something heavy anyway, possibly with some casual screaming going on. So imagine the surprise when met with a lo-fi indie outfit from London.

‘Insane Making Behaviour’ is the latest track to be taken from their upcoming EP Light Headed, and it sits somewhere on the line between Mutations-era Beck and Pavement. It’s almost criminally laid back but does take a critical gaze over life in our digital society. Like the EP as a whole, it examines what the digital age has done to our relationships in particular.

Listen to ‘Insane Making Behaviour’ below. Light Headed is out on 5th December.

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