News… Eddi Front Returns With New Track ‘Goldie’

It’s been three years since Eddi Front (aka Brooklyn native Ivana Carrescia) released her debut self-titled EP. In that time we’ve heard relatively little from the piano player and singer-songwriter, save for a single track seven months ago in the form of ‘Elevator.’ But luckily for everyone who has missed her breathy tones and melancholic vibes, she’s announced she’ll finally (finally) be releasing her debut album, Marina, early next year and has shared another brand new track.

‘Goldie’ is typically sweeping and atmospheric number that uses minimal instrumentation to great effect. The real star here is Carrescia’s vocals, which glide across the melodies with an effortless yet emotionally pained quality. Carrescia says of Marina: “The record was pieced together over the span of about a year, although it describes a mind frame I was in for several and references experiences and people from as far back as childhood.”

Listen to ‘Goldie’ below. Marina is out on 4th March 2016.

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