News… Keiandra Shares Latest Single ‘Wanted’

18-year-old Newcastle native Keiandra has been sitting working pretty solidly on her craft since she appeared at the city’s Evolution Emerging festival earlier this year. Skip forward a few months and she’s finally ready to unveil her latest work. And it was well worth the wait.

‘Wanted’ is haunting from the start, with chimes and dark piano swathing the first thirty seconds before Keiandra herself appears to take the reigns with lyrics worthy of her idol Suzann Vega in a maelstrom of emotion and chilly grandeur. But the track also shares a lot in common with the deliberately dramatic and thoroughly compelling early works of Tori Amos; Keiandra shows off her maturity both musically and lyrically on this track and sets herself as a decidedly different artist to other female singer-songwriters emerging at the minute. Hopefully she’s got more spine-tingling tunes up her sleeve to share soon.

Listen to ‘Wanted’ below.

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