News… Niven Shares New Track ‘Rapture’

If you think about calypso or tropical music then you might have a number of different thoughts. The first might be steel drums and Caribbean islands. Those of us who grew up at a certain time might think of Sebastian doing a rendition of ‘Under the Sea’ for Ariel in The Little Mermaid. You might not think of electronic music. London producer Niven has something to say about that.

Accompanied by the mysterious Natalie on vocals, Niven takes the overly-chirpy sounds of tropicalia on ‘Rapture’ and skews it into something altogether haunting. While it begins with typically sunny sounds, the track descends into a glitchy, distorted jumble of bleeps and scratches that’s constantly fading between organic and synthetic.

Listen to ‘Rapture’ below. Niven’s new EP Manta Ray is out on 10th March via SPHERE Music.

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