News… The Goon Sax Unveil New Track ‘Boyfriend’

Image: Connor Beazley

At the minute, if you’re looking for witty slacker-indie then there’s no better place to head to than Down Under. On their last track ‘Sometimes Accidentally,’ Australian trio The Goon Sax showed off their lyrical prowess by channelling their fellow Aussie Courtney Barnett and delving into some quick-fire wordplay.

On their latest track ‘Boyfriend’ the teenagers hold back on the speedy one-liners but instead channel their slacker prowess into some emotionally relatable lyrics coupled with cheeky deadpan delivery. “And if I had a boyfriend, I’d love him all night/ And we can break your heart, so you see how I feel.” The self-awareness cuts through the jangle pop to create an odd mixture of overwrought adolescent pain and jaunty guitar chords. And it’s great.

Listen to ‘Boyfriend’ below.

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