News… Flowers Reveal New Song ‘Pull My Arm’

Image: Nick Gough

You never have too far to look if you want to bag some fuzzy indie pop. A cursory glance at some blogs and maybe even just looking at the likes from some of your favourite bands on Soundcloud will probably produce some decent results if you’re in the market. So it takes a lot for something to really stand out.

London trio Flowers have a few tricks up their sleeve that help to put them ahead of the pack, though. First, there’s those jangly guitar hooks at the beginning of ‘Pull My Arm’ that soon give way to fuzzed out, noisy bliss. Then there’s Rachel Kennedy’s high-pitched falsetto tones ringing out above it all, far removed from the often hushed mumbles of shoegazers. But overall, the latest track from their upcoming album Everybody’s Dying To Meet You just has a sense of joyful buoyancy that you don’t get a lot from other bands. So if you need an indie-pop pick-me-up, Flowers have created the song for you.

Listen to ‘Pull My Arm’ below. Everybody’s Dying To Meet You is out in mid-February 2016.

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