News… HONNE Share Title Track From New EP ‘Gone Are The Days’

HONNE have already made it clear that they love the jobs we hate, though it’s difficult to believe that touring around the world peddling an infectious brand of electro pop is something that we’d turn our noses up at. By releasing a string of taut singles and an EP – that also happened to feature rising star Jones – they’ve become dance stars in their own right. With a new EP around the corner, it was high time they started showing us what it was all about.

‘Gone Are The Days’ might well be HONNE’s most straightforward track to date, replacing some of the 80s synths and glitchy, 8-bit bleeps for a slightly more contemporary sound. That makes it a bit more chilled than their previous works but have no fear! It’s still as infuriatingly catchy as anything on their Over Lover EP.

Listen to ‘Gone Are The Days’ below. The EP of the same is released on 22nd January 2016 and is available to pre-order now.

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