News… Jenny Gillespie Shares New Song ‘Part Potawatomi’

The Potawatomi are Native Americans who live on the Great Plains, the upper Mississippi River and around the west side of the Great Lakes. They have their own language and in the 19th century they were pushed further west by European settlers and encroachers on to their land. They’re in the minority, a bit like Jenny Gillespie‘s career as a musician. She’s been producing and releasing her own work for many years but the San Franciscan has always stayed away from the limelight.

That’s despite releasing quiet gems like ‘Part Potawatomi,’ a slightly jazzy and folk-inflected number where Gillespie evokes the spirit of singers like Joni Mitchell. On her new album Cure For Dreaming, she’s collaborated with musicians who’ve worked closely with Robert Plant, Alison Krauss, David Bowie and Bon Iver, and combined with Gillespie’s own prowess for an engaging narrative, it might finally push her to become a more recognisable artist.

Listen to ‘Part Potawatomi’ below. Cure For Dreaming is out on 29th January 2016 on Narooma Records.

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