News… Mothica Unveils Debut Track ‘No One’

It’s probable that most artists will take a look at their body of work when deciding on what their first presentation to the world should be and wonder what would hit the mark the best. A lot of people might go for the safe choice in the hope it won’t alienate too many. Others might release something a bit more daring. Brooklynite McKenzie Ellis – also known as Mothica – definitely sits in the latter camp.

While there’s no shortage of female electronic producers coming out of New York at the minute, there’s very few who step out with such a bold message. ‘No One’ isn’t a love song or a song of longing but a statement that she doesn’t belong to anyone else. Ellis wants to be her own person and, coupled with a rather minimal production that allows her vocals to shine, she’s certainly forging a path all her own. If only all young singers were such good role models.

Listen to ‘No One’ below.

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