News… Selerac’s Haunting ‘For Those Involved In Hennessy’ Is The Latest Secret Song

Most of the tracks in Ryan Hemsworth’s Secret Songs series are bouncy, slightly quirky works of electronica that more often than not make you want to dance. The free downloads have exposed us to some pretty jubilant works but the latest cut, from Charlotte-based producer Selerac, is something of a different beast.

If you spend enough time with ‘For Those Involved In Hennessy’ you’ll come across some familiar warped synths and the glassy, steely production that’s a staple of many tracks on the Secret Songs collection. But to get to it you have to wade through a mass of distorted noise and persist. Selerac says the track was inspired by a friend joining the military, and the twelve minutes he’s produced may well provide soundtrack the trials and tribulations of being a member of the army. Definitely not the easiest listen in the series so far, but one that’s rewarding if you stick with it.

Listen to ‘For Those Involved In Hennessy’ below.

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