News… Meat Wave Unveil B-Side To Latest Single, ‘Symmy’

On March 13th, 1997, across Pheonix, Arizona, something weird happened. Thousands of people reported seeing some bizarre lights in the sky, from the Nevada line to the edge of Tuscon. People saw both a triangular formation of lights and a V-shaped UFO moving across the sky. The former was explained away by a series of test flares set off by the US Air Force but the second was never explained. The governor at the time, Fife Symington, even dismissed the claims as ludicrious but later said there was something “otherworldly” about the events.

So there’s a potted history of the story behind Meat Wave’s latest B-Side. But they’re called Meat Wave, so don’t expect any kind of ambient musings on the wonders of the universe – we want thrash guitars about extra-terrestrials and we want it now. On ‘Symmy’ the group deliver a raucous barrage of twangy guitars in a burst of frenetic energy that’s over in a flash. Unlike those UFO sightings , though, we can guarantee that Meat Wave are very much real, they just happen to be peddling a cosmic brand of killer rock.

Listen to ‘Symmy’ below.

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