News… Watch The Video For ‘Deu’ By MMOTHS

Image: Jonas Listroem

The first ‘M’ in Irish producer MMOTHS name is silent, you know. That’s probably a good thing. Otherwise he’d have a name that sounds a bit like something someone with mottephobia might squeal (look it up and don’t say we’re not educational).

MMOTHS’ music is nothing to fear though, as he creates hypnotic, almost ambient electronica that’s often downbeat (he once supported The xx on tour). His debut album LUNEWORKS is out soon, so in the run up he’s shared this deceptively simple work that’s open to interpretation to accompany his song ‘Deu.’ Directed by Hassan Rahim and Scott J. Ross, it uses split screens to show a variety of images that you can choose to intake separately or as an intriguing unified whole.

Watch the video for ‘Deu’ below.

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