News… Klyne Share New Song ‘Waiting’

The last single by Dutch electropop duo Klyne – ‘Closer’ – had an accompanying video that would send anyone with a fear of clowns running and screaming to the hills; in it, a bizarro Ronald McDonald decided it’d be a good idea to body-pop his way through the woods in the creepiest manner possible. Yeah. But despite the weirdness of the clip, ‘Closer’ was a very solid track that got stuck in your head the more you listened to it.

On their latest song ‘Waiting’ the pair tone down the energy a bit (which will hopefully mean less clowns in any upcoming videos) but bring in some slightly more experimental elements in exchange. They insert random bleeps and glitch synths within the track and to top it off it ends with a killer warped guitar solo. Guitar solo. Two words you can’t ignore.

Listen to ‘Waiting’ below.

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