News… Samaris Reveal Haunting Video For ‘Nótt’

Image: Siamak Amini

“We don’t go to church, we go for a walk,” Björk recently said of the Icelandic landscape. It’s certainly inspired more than a few artists; even John Grant swapped the bustle of America for the volcanic environment (and seems a bit jollier for it). Icelandic trio Samaris have abandoned the hills for the beaches of their native country in their latest video, but it’s no less haunting and beautiful.

‘Nótt (One For The Girls)’ is already a baroque slice of strings and woodwind that’s reminiscent of the collaboration between fellow countryman Björk and Dirty Projectors. Its video captures a very sinister trip to the seaside, that’s less sandcastles and ice cream, more corpses and voodoo.

Watch the clip for ‘Nótt (One For The Girls)’ below.

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