News… Anana Unveils Latest Track ‘Swimmer’s Body Illusion’

Norwegian all-female collective and record company KOSO already have some amazing artists on their books; one of their latest additions to the roster is Anniken Jess Iversen, who performs under the name Anana.

Anana not only makes lovely, almost minimalist electronic pop but she’s also one of a kind in her genre. How? Well, because she’s created her own unique little pigeonhole, calling her work ‘underwater pop.’ She dives straight into this phenomenon with her latest single ‘Swimmer’s Body Illusion,’ which glides along dreamily while leaving copious amounts of breathing room in-between its icy and somehow organic melody. You’ll want to take the plunge with her.

Listen to ‘Swimmer’s Body Illusion’ below. It’s out now via KOSO Records.

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