News… David Harks Shares New Song ‘Tripping Ghosts’

It’s a Monday, which can only mean we’re in the mood for some woozy electronica to soundtrack that winter morning commute. Step in David Harks, whose latest track ‘Tripping Ghosts’ not only boasts some silky-smooth vocals but a trippy three-act structure that takes in a multitude of swooning synths and a range of conflicting moods.

David explained the inspiration for the track on his Facebook page: “The song came for me out of a place of tough deep reflection almost like landing back in a chapter of my past on the pages of a book I wish I hadn’t written, suffocating between the words and hoping to change them….the one key voice that means the earth to me On the other side of the ocean miles away and isolation crept in, dominating fearful weave into my life. 5 steps forward 1000 steps back.”

Listen to ‘Tripping Ghosts’ below.

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