News… Lyla Foy Shares New Track ‘Velvet’

It’s the 30th November, agonisingly close to December and the time for giving generously. London-based singer-songwriter Lyla Foy has already got into that Christmas spirit a little early by sharing with us her latest track ‘Velvet.’

Don’t worry though, this isn’t a cheesy Christmas tune, far from it. Instead, ‘Velvet’ is as soft as the material it’s named after but also deeply brooding. Starting with a muted guitar chord and Foy’s whispered vocals, the track continues to build on these foundations until it reaches a captivating crescendo, filled with warming harmonies but continually wrapped in a faint sense of melancholic yearning. It’s a beautiful gift.

Listen to ‘Velvet’ below. It’s a free download on Lyla’s Soundcloud page right now.

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