News… Museyroom Share New Single ‘Ballad’

Image: Carly Hoskins

In the summer of 2009, Matt Coppola, Jack Donovan and Ben Cohen holed themselves up in Motel Studios and produced a debut EP of nostalgia pop. And then, seemingly, nothing. Well, it seemed that way on the surface. In actual fact the group were spending years trying to hone their craft and put together a collection of songs while scattered across different cities, and that’s resulting in Museyroom finally gearing up to release their debut album Pearly Whites in March next year.

‘Ballad’ builds on their transcendently nostalgic indie pop with fervour, knitting together some subtle electronic elements with their signature psych-pop sound. Essentially the point where a number of different genres smack into one another head-first, ‘Ballad’ builds into a steady climax of oddball noise.

Listen to ‘Ballad’ below.

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