News… Labradoor Share New Track ‘The Sleep’

Hands up if you like ‘Africa’ by Toto! Don’t be shy – the classic 80s track has perhaps one of the most famous chord progressions of the decade and has spawned a number of dog-dancing memes in recent times (look it up and smile). Toto aren’t usually high on the list of influences for new bands though and we daresay that’s no different for East Londonders Labradoor.

Still, the opening of their new song ‘The Sleep’ sounds suspiciously like ‘Africa.’ We smell a rat. Well the three-piece earn some major credibility points by combining the assimilation of this iconic riff with vocals that hark back to The Postal Service and some Indian sitar that gives the song a very otherworldly feel. So it’s not cheesy 80s pop, more intelligent international indie for the modern age. Guess that’s what happens when you let a bunch of creative people off the leash.

Listen to ‘The Sleep’ below. Ladradoor’s debut EP is due out next year.

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