News… LOYAL Share ‘Blue & The Green’

So it’s fair to say that R’n’B music with a faint tinge of dark electronica is in fashion nowadays. The downtempo sub-genre has seen a surge of artists joining its ranks recently so if you want to get noticed then you need to produce something special. UK group LOYAL might not be straying too far away from the formula or breaking the mould in their work but if you do something well you’re often rewarded.

It’s lucky then that their latest track ‘Blue & The Green’ bears all the hallmarks of their peers, right down to the overall tone, but with the addition of some ghoulish soul samples and some very nifty guitar picking, they’ve added a little something to the mixture that helps them to stand out from the crowd. The six-piece offered some insight into the track: “‘Blue & The Green’ questions whether it’s better to fight for something once cherished, or the decision to give up and leave this thing behind. Blue and the green represents land and sea (the earth) as well the emotions of sadness and jealousy.”

Listen to ‘Blue & The Green’ below.

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