News… Mermaidens Unveil Heavy New Track ‘Seed’

We recommend you use some form of ear protection for this one. We don’t really want anyone to go deaf, as then you wouldn’t be able to hear all of the glorious new music that we share with you. Not to say that the latest single track from New Zealand three piece Mermaidens isn’t glorious of course. It is. It just also happens to be pretty heavy stuff.

‘Seed’ is probably the weightiest track that the group have released but they haven’t abandoned their psychedelic roots altogether. Instead they combine some bone crushingly dirty riffs and absolutely pounding drums with their classic girl group aesthetic, resulting in a track that’s somehow cute and charming and also as heavy as a huge boulder on your shoulders. If it’s any indication of their upcoming debut album, then we expect even more glorious juxtapositions in the future.

Listen to ‘Seed’ below.

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