News… Benedict Benjamin Shares New Track ‘My Feet Have No Need For The Ground’

One minute you’re in two successful bands – The Mariner’s Children and Peggy Sue – and the next thing you know you’re going through a rough patch with your significant other, you’re working night shifts and finding it difficult to keep the band together. That might be enough to break a person. But for Ben Rubenstein it turned out to be the inspiration behind his debut album under the name Benedict Benjamin, Night Songs.

Recorded in a series of churches in London and Kent, Ben hasn’t veered too far away from his traditional songwriting roots on any of the songs he’s shared over the course of the past few months. Simultaneously channelling old bluesmen and crooners, as well as a certain 60s charm, ‘My Feet Have No Need For The Ground’ is no different, but it is a beautiful song accompanied with powerful lyrics and a deep emotional edge.

Listen to ‘My Feet Have No Need For The Ground’ below. Night Songs is released on 25th March 2016 on Sugarcoat Records.

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