News… Lontalius Shares New Track ‘Kick In The Head’

If you heard Lontalius last single ‘All I Wanna Say’ then you might be wondering if you’re listening to the same person on ‘Kick In The Head.’ On ‘All I Wanna Say,’ the singer-producer created a rough electronic landscape that was all moody and reminiscent of the King of Doom Electronica, James Blake.

But here, Lontalius – New Zealander Eddie Johnstone – has decided to take things in a more organic direction, adding cellos and guitars and a whole host of other traditional instruments. But it’s still bleak, just in a remarkably different way. Think more Bon Iver than Blake. Lontalius wears the change in direction well so it’ll be interesting to see where he goes after this…

Listen to ‘Kick In The Head’ below.

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