News… Bullion and Sampha Team Up On ‘Loop The Loop’

Your dentist would probably have a problem with you listening to Bullion‘s last EP Rooster; it was inventive and sometimes ingenious yes, but it was also swimming in high energy that could only have been brought on by an overdose of pixie sticks. As he builds up to releasing new album Loop the Loop, it seems that the sugar rush hasn’t dimmed so much but been channelled into something that’s tighter and more intriguing.

Perhaps that’s also to do with the presence of long-time SBTRKT collaborator Sampha, whose soulful vocals don’t on the surface appear to be a good fit for the bounciness of Bullion’s work. And yet it does work. Beautifully. His vocals help the song to glide along and provides a kind of oral glue to the digitised blur that backs him up. ‘Loop the Loop’ is as dizzying as the title suggests as a result, but it gives you a distinct rush of adrenaline.

Listen to ‘Loop the Loop’ below. The album of the same name is out on 26th February 2016 on DEEK Records.

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