News… Gundelach Shares R’n’B Tinged Single ‘Spiders’

Scandinavia continues to be a veritable hotbed of new talent, cultivating new artists like there’s no tomorrow. And long may it continue, because as long as the sub-continent are producing sleek and accomplished artists like Oslo-based artist Gundelach we’re happy for them to keep picking up synths and pleasuring us with their silky smooth vocals.

Although this technically isn’t the debut track by Gundelach (he released a song, ‘Alone in the Night’ in his native country), ‘Spiders’ is him saying hello to the outside world. It was recorded in New York where he’s been working with Joel Ford (who’s collaborated with Young Ejecta) and Al Carson (who’s worked with Ariel Pink). The result is a mix of electro and R’n’B with warming production that gives a taste of what the Scandinavian is all about.

Listen to ‘Spiders’ below. Gundelach’s debut EP is due out early next year.

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