News… LCMDF Share New Track ‘Rookie’

Here’s what Emma Kemppainen of electropop duo LCMDF told The Line of Best Fit about the inspirations behind their latest track ‘Rookie’: “I wrote this song the day after a music biz dude told me that I shouldn’t write good songs, but make them more stupid. Then he offered to re-write our album. I thought that was the worst idea ever, so I wrote a song to him … The metal scene I’m singing about represents the old-school male dominated music business in Finland. I’m done with the fact that several music festivals don’t book a single female act. I’m done with being compared solely with other female acts.”

And so, for part of their amazing return, LCMDF have written a searing kiss-off to the Scandinavian metal scene and “dudes who think they’re better than me,” and they’ve done it all with the most pop polish you can think of. It’s easy to think that on the surface ‘Rookie’ is just another power-pop song that Charli XCX could sing but underneath its veneer of electro, dancefloor-ready squalls and seemingly bratty vocal style, there’s a real hardcore message under here that’s so perfectly clear in the infectious chorus that you just have to love it. A late contender for best pop song of the year? Hell yes.

Listen to ‘Rookie’ below.

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