News… Still Parade Shares ‘07.41’

Image: Tonje Thilesen

Berlin-based Niklas Kramer, the mastermind behind Still Parade, has been experimenting with sounds that could compliment the band’s dream-folk sound for a couple of years and now, in the form of latest single ‘07.41,’ the fruit of that labour has well and truly ripened. Laced with a dash of funk and pop sensibilities, the track takes folky instrumentation but ditches guitars in favour of warped synths.

He told Stereogum, where the track premiered: “’07:41′ is about this weird feeling when you’re new somewhere. you feel like a stranger and no one really seems to care about you. But there’s also the chance to build up something new. It’s the point when you just don’t know what’s going to happen. Can be quite scary and exciting at the same time.” A metaphor for the evolution of Still Parade, perhaps?

Listen to ‘07.41’ below. It’s out as a limited edition hand cut 7″ and digitally via Art Is Hard today.

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