News… World Champion Share ‘Tip Pit’ From Latest EP

Image: Alex Kalyk

William Campion and Julian Sudek – better known as World Champion – have finally released their Avocado Galaxy EP on Future Classic but if you haven’t got the mini collection of tracks from the ‘krauty psychy souly’ duo yet then they’ve shared another track from it to win over anyone who hasn’t already been caught up in their quasar of electro-funk.

‘Tip Pit’ is a bit more laid-back than some of the other tracks featured on the EP but their swirling synths, slacker charm and Tame Impala-esque take on electro-psych make it no less compelling. Add into the mix a surf-inspired guitar hook and you’ve got a seemingly mellow track that rewards repeated listens.

Listen to ‘Tip Pit’ below. Avocado Galaxy is out now.

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