News… Asha Unveils Latest R&B Gem ‘Record Straight’

We’ve probably used the term ‘R&B’ a lot in the past few weeks. Seems like everyone wants to get in on the act, from out and out vocal belters to hushed producers. It’s fair to say that reflecting on the year at the end of 2015, R&B has had a very good year. Unfortunately that just makes it all the harder when you’re trying to break through and get noticed in this increasingly saturated genre.

London-based Asha might not have too many problems though. She’s foregone the brooding nature of some of her contemporaries and jumped straight into some 90s-flavoured production and bouncy melodies that really set her apart from her peers. On ‘Record Straight’ she promotes a mantra of self-empowerment and self-respect that’s refreshing and breezy enough not to be preachy.

Listen to ‘Record Straight’ below.

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