News… Noella Nix Shares New Track ‘Someone’

Aussie pop singer Noella Nix has barely rested for a single moment over the last couple of months, releasing her gothic-pop tracks ‘Paradise’ and ‘Holding On’ in quick succession. On ‘Someone’ she’s decided just to go full-on pop though, and the result is a polished, ridiculously upbeat number that could probably hold its own against almost any of your mainstream synthpop acts.

Noella said of the track: “It’s about my absolute love and passion for music, it is about this “entity” or unexplainable feeling that often comes to me in my dreams. Someone doesn’t need to be a person or a human it can be anything or anyone, really. The verses are short reflections about a period in my life where I stopped making music and totally lost myself and my direction. This song is like a celebration for finding myself.”

Listen to ‘Someone’ below.

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